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Experience.  Artistry.  Pride.  Dedication.

Broadway Web Design (BWD) represents the finest in Internet web design, specializing in the genre of the Performing Arts.  BWD provides unique, crafted websites for performers, musicals, plays, theatre companies, touring shows, and performance venues, as well as artists and businesses.

Experience.  Artistry.  Pride.  Dedication.  This is Broadway Web Design's Mission in every aspect of every project.  

Clients receive a personal touch by a designer with both experience in and an appreciation of the performing arts field.  The quality and artistry provided by BWD is evident on sites like Storybook - The Official Christine Andreas Web Site, Brent Barrett Online, and The Leslie Giammanco Website.

Broadway Web Design understands the role an official website plays in a performer's career: a fan base, a vivid profile, and recognition in the world's fastest growing medium.  And BWD knows how to utilize the internet medium to make a lasting impact for its clients.

"To really succeed on the Internet you need a designer with a personal stake in the way you are viewed by the world. Through Kristine’s constant commitment and creativity, my site has adapted and expanded with each new phase of my career, expanding my fan base and creating a unique environment that they look forward to visiting often."
 - Ron Bohmer

In addition to web page creation, BWD offers a wide-range of services including web hosting, domain name registration, e-mail access, guestbooks, fan pages, message boards, search engine submissions, interviews and reviews, digital photography, graphics creations, image scanning, and streaming audio files.

Two basic web design packages are available to be custom-tailored to clients' individual needs.  Contact Kristine for your personalized consultation (BWD is based in Manhattan).

The Internet is Named the
# 1 Technology
Shaping Theatre in the 1990's

"...The Internet will let the world in on a big secret: there are a lot of theatregoers.  A lot.  But other media don't take us seriously because we're too spread out.  We've always needed a place where we could come together and claim our rights as a community of millions.  Online is our only practical way to go.  The Internet is the dream medium for theater fans - the virtual Algonquin Round Table, as I like to think of it."

"Right now you're able to get any information on any show - on any facet of any show - with just a few clicks.  You can see what the theatre looks like, order tickets, see how the box office is doing, join a fan club, and generally learn more about a show than the few lines newspapers have room for."

"Also, it's a gift for the obsessive fan. You can find out everything about the show, download clips, and even write to the stars!  And they answer!"

- From "Those Magic Changes: The Technology Factor"
  By Robert Viagas (Founder of and Playbill OnLine)
  ShowMusic Magazine, Winter 1999/2000 Millenium Issue

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